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The provision  of subfloor ventilation to older properties is often inadequate due to insufficient air-bricks being incorporated during construction, obstruction or poor airflow. By identifying potential problem areas and fitting modern hi-flow ventilators we can ensure sufficient air movement to the underfloor area, significantly reducing the risk of fungal decay.



Medway Timber and Damp use the latest detection methods, equipment and chemical solutions to solve your damp and rot problems.

Tanking is a generic term used to describe a specialist moisture barrier installed to walls and floors that are below external ground levels and are therefore prone to lateral movement of moisture. Cellars and basements were originally designed as storage, but many are ideal for upgrading to living quarters. Following a detailed survey we can devise an economic tanking scheme to release valuable additional space. Our expertise with tanking ranges from cementitious to epoxy resin and air gap systems.


Basements can provide ideal additional living space and many are ideal for upgrading to habitable use.


Following a detailed survey by our qualified surveyors, we can advise on the most appropriate system to allow you to release valuable additional accommodation.


The two main types of Tanking are:


Using a high density polyethylene membrane, the walls and floor are lined to provide a waterproof barrier.


An integrated air gap between the membrane and the structure allows drainage to a suitable system if required and the circulation of air to allow the wall to breathe.


Walls are finished with plaster and floors are covered with boarding.


Our surveyors will advise on drainage systems, wall and floor finishes appropriate to your project.


These systems consist of multiple layers of specialist coatings, sometimes combined with render and are applied to the internal surfaces of walls and floors.


Below ground tanking is a complex task and should only be undertaken by specialist and experienced professionals.


With the advent of advanced epoxy resins, we can undertake repairs to cracked and fractured brickwork without resorting to costly removal and replacement of damaged bricks. The repair is proven to be stronger than the original brick.


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